Car-O-Liner EVO Anchoring

EVO 1-2-3

Modular, universal holding and anchoring system

Each EVO system can be combined to handle every imaginable anchoring, holding and fixturing situation for automobiles and light trucks.


EVO 1 Basic Anchoring Kit

  • Standard package for anchoring and holding
  • EVO 1 comes with three towers, multi-purpose clamp, track plates, adapter with bushrings, chain holder and torque bar


EVO 2 Extended Anchoring Kit

  • Additional equipment for more advanced repairs
  • EVO 2 comes with two extra towers and track plates, special tools for rear-axle bracket, torque bar extensions and adjustable holders

EVO 3 Holding and Fixturing

  • Universal fixture system, which when combined with EVO1 and 2, can handle all known models on the market
  • EVO 3 comes with three adjustable fixture heads and a number of adapters, a lockable universal joint, a lock handle and an all-purpose mini-cramp